Amazon of Europe Amazing Moments – High-quality authentic experiences

Amazing Amazon of Europe Team was on a road in Croatia, Hungary, and Serbia from May 16th, 2022, till May 23rd, 2022, to test potential high-quality activities related to nature, culture and gastronomy which will enrich guests travel experience in Responsible Green Destination Amazon of Europe.

The aim is to offer our guests the unforgettable experiences, that will stay in their memories forever. And how will we accomplish this? The flagship product Amazing Moments will be a well-rounded half-day or one-day experiences, that will actively involve the guests, so they will be able to delve into life of locals either by:

  • creating a product of old crafts such as pottery, naïve art, gold panning
  • exploring the wildlife by walking, kayaking, or taking a boat ride
  • harvesting and wine tasting, truffle hunting, fishing, and preparing the meal

From birdwatching, kayaking, making pottery, treetop walking to truffle hunting, it was an exceptional opportunity for us to experience a colorful set of activities that our future guests will be able to add to their bucket list. Therefore, we’re looking forward to developing top-notch activities Amazing Moments that will complement the traveler experience in destination Amazon of Europe. Stay tuned for the first offers in Autumn.