Cycle through the ancient forests and charge your batteries in Zala county. Enjoy the healing force of Lenti spa in a relaxed and lovely countryside. Take a ride on the forest train – the longest narrow-gauge railway in Hungary, which leads through the amazing forests. Experience a unique ambience in Bázakerettye city area created by relics of oil extraction industry (cultural highlight) and a revived nature existing side by side. Taste local culinary specialties and get unforgettable memories from Zala county along the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail!

Stage map

Route profile
Length 63km
Time 4h
Starting point

Lendava (SLO)

End point

Letenye (HU)

 The Stage N3 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail starts in Slovenia, Lendava, next to the Vinarium Tower, which is famous for its heritage wine cellars and the picturesque landscape. From the Vinarium to Lendvadedes after the border the cycle tour takes you through a beautiful forest to the lake of Lendvadedes. The surroundings of the reservoir lake is a perfect location to take a rest on the lakeside.


Experience rejuvenating benefits of thermal spa


After the lake of Lendvadedes this river bike trail runs as a separated bicycle path through the forest to Lenti city following the creek Liponyak. The city is famous for its healing force, especially thanks to Lenti Thermal and Medicinal Spa which is situated at the meeting point of the so-called St. George energy lines. Their beneficial effects for body and soul make this spa unique throughout Europe. The spa, located next to the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail offers a wide range of services, 5 outdoor and 4 indoor pools, adventure pools are waiting the visitors the whole year long. From Lenti to Szécsisziget village the bike trail runs on a separated bicycle path and low traffic public road. In Szécsisziget, the Andrássy-Szapáry castle, a renovated heritage river mill with the reserve of endogenous water buffalos are a must see.


The largest fig plantation in Europe


The route goes on to the next village, Tormafölde, where you are invited to take a detour and see the lookout tower and the fig orchard at the top of the wine hill. This large fig plantation of 6 hectares was the first one in Central Europe and still is the largest one, and has a Mediterranean ambiance as well as tasty figue products. Taking small detour of around 1,7 km to the lookout tower offers a full panorama on the riverine landscape of Lendava, Kerka and Mura rivers.


A unique way to discover life by the river


The river bike trail follows low traffic public roads until Kerkaszentkirály, which is a quiet and lovely small village, with a beautiful lake in the center. Kerkaszentkirály is an important spot for local water tourism, where guided canoe tours start (they end usually in Muraszemenye). The water tour is a unique nature experience where you can discover river life from within reach, while paddling along three rivers Lendava, Kerka and Mura and three countries of Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

After Kerkaszentkirály, the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail arrives at Muraszemenye, where a short detour leads you to the water tourist base of the Balaton Uplands National Park, called „Hódvár” (Beaver Lodge). This is a perfect place for relaxing on the banks of the Mura river. A River`scool facility has been also installed at this spot and you can get detailed information about the river and its dynamics.


Far away from busy roads


Enjoy one of the best bike trails between Muraszemenye and Kistolmács, thatruns mainly on calm public roads of low traffic. The landscape of this section is hillier, dominated by forests, offering a unique cycling experience. Zala county had important role in the history of the Hungarian petroleum industry, and oil was a decisive factor in the quick and booming development of local settlements at the end of 1930s. Bázakerettye, now surrounded by dense forests, was the local center of oil extraction, and heritage facilities of that period are still visible at several locations here, creating a special atmosphere of the place. Additionally, the village has a thermal bath with 3 outdoor pools, jacuzzi and pool for children as well as welcoming hotels and a restaurant with great cuisine.

The next village is Kistolmács with its charming lake and the terminal station of the forest train. The lake of over 11 hectares is surrounded by the forest, its depth between 1-7 meters is suitable for both fishing and bathing. Accommodations, restaurants and buffets, a camping site and a lookout tower can be found here.


Discover local treasures


Finally, the route is arriving to the end point of the Stage N1 of Amazon of Europe Bike Trail – City of Letenye, where several restaurants and accommodations are available for the visitors. The main attractions in the city are the Adrássy-Szapáry castle and the thermal spa. If you would like to try other means of transport than cycling and canoeing you can take a ride on the forest train. The narrow-gauge railway between Lenti and Kistolmács is the longest narrow-gauge railway system in Hungary, where passenger traffic and bike carriage are also available. The railway has other stations in Iklódbördőce, Csömödér, Páka, and Bázakerettye, so you can explore many local nature treasures by combining the forest railway with nature travel cycling.

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