Start your cycling adventure at the centre of the charming City of Sombor, “the greenest city of Europe” with picturesque architecture and lavish cultural heritage and values that have been nurtured for a long time. Tag along with the unique taste of nature discovering the exquisite Special Nature Reserve “Gornje Podunavlje”, part of the UNESCO Biosphere protected area, included in the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail.  Immerse yourself into one of the finest pearls in Vojvodina and Serbia along the course of the Danube via nature travel cycling. Experience local residents’ warm hospitality, offering a rich selection of tourism products from culture and nature.

Stage map

Route profile
Length 62km
Time 4h
Starting point
End point

Stage S16 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trailstarts at the very centre of the city of Sombor, where the Sombor Tourist Organization is located. Sombor is the largest city on the route and, at the same time, it is the Centre of West-Bačka District. It is located in the North-West of Serbia, has 89.000 inhabitants, half of which live in the surrounding villages, while the other half are the residents of the city itself. Sombor offers joyful experience for culture admirers, as it has nurtured some great names in the field of art, ranging from painters, poets, composers to architects etc. It is also famous for its cycling culture, since bikes can be considered as the locally preferred means of transportation. It has a strong network of well-equipped bike service providers, several Wi-Fi hot spots at the city centre and everything else needed for the safe stay on the stage.


Take time to relax


After leaving Sombor, the route takes us towards village Bački Monostor, however, before that, it is worth to stop at the vacation settlement Opaljenik. This is a perfect place for relaxing, as it is placed on Great Bačka Canal and is most suitable for a swimming break. The river bike trail leads you further toward the village Bezdan, through The Special Nature Reserve – Gornje Podunavlje, a part of the large biosphere reserve “Bačko Podunavlje”. To the left side of this part of the route there is »VILA ŠTRBAC« hike trail, which is a genuine treat for hunting fans, since it exhibits deer antlers, which were considered one of greatest hunting trophiesin the world.


Eco-friendly opportunities


The cycling tour further follows the Canal Embankment which enables you to enjoy exceptional views, swimming opportunities and a genuine touch of nature. From this exact point, the route can take us bothways. One leads to the North, heading towards Mohács (HU), and the other, a detour, heads up to the West, to the natural border with Croatia, called Batina, where one of the most unique biking experiences is waiting to be reached. An exceptionally beautiful site on this part of the stage is Karapandža Eco-centre/River’sCool - located next to the weekend settlement Kendjija with high end tourism offer, profiled for announced and a bit exclusive visits, a perfect place for a relaxing cycling holiday. There are also classrooms offering natural reserve guides who perform presentation of the protected nature area, during which visitors are introduced to topics related to nature protection, the natural reserve and its wildlife. Surroundings of Bezdan village consist of several weekend settlements that offer authentic cottages for renting and, more than a few, restaurants and ambient etno diners where you can have a taste of local delicacies, river fish specialties and wine. Further on, the cycle tour leads towards the end point of stage S16 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail in the City of Mohács (HU). However, while on the track, there is a MIKI ZOO, a place worth visiting located in village Kolut, in the close vicinity with Hungarian border.

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