Experience cycling holidays along Mura and Drava rivers and enjoy the natural beauty of floodplain forests, oxbows, gravel islands, meanders surrounding the wild rivers. At the village of Őrtilos rest your eyes by admiring the confluence of two wild rivers and the always changing riverine landscape. Finish the day at Gyékényes on the shore of a mining lake with a glass of wine, and good fish stew.

Stage map

Route profile
Length 46km
Time 3h
Starting point
End point

The Stage N4 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail begins in the charming city center of Letenye. Make sure you pay a visit to the 500 years old sycamore tree, the symbol of Letenye, that grows in the garden of Szapáry-Andrássy castle in the city center. Enjoy a pleasant cycle tour by following the lower part of Mura section and the upper part of Drava section in Hungary.


Meet eye to eye with nature


Passing the town, the Balaton-felvidéki National Parks Farming Center provides a great opportunity to learn about native animals and see them grazing on surrounding pastures. From there you can enjoy a Nature Trail going along the Mura introducing floodplain habitats to the visitors. A route goes on the Mura flood embankment with a great view of the natural floodplain forests surrounding the river, and several opportunities to go into a forest, discover gravel islands, oxbow lakes and enjoy the river bike trail itself. From the village of Molnári to Murakeresztúr the road of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail leads you on the asphalted road and slightly receding away from the rivers. These settlements are rich in cultural and historical heritage. Passing the village of Murakeresztúr the road changes into dirt road, but the trail leads through a beautiful forest.


Don’t miss out one of the most beautiful views


From the main road a larger detour is worth taking to the confluence of Mura and Drava rivers, that is one of the most beautiful natural views of the region. But before reaching the rivers, Szentmihály hill with a charming church deserves to climb up, then take a rest and enjoy a panoramic view of Drava valley and Croatian mountains. The detour leads through vineyards of Zákány, where traditional wine cellars are still standing from the old times. From there the section’s end point of this Amazon of Europe Bike Trail is really close.


Breath in all the variety


Reaching the end point of the Stage N4 of Amazon of Europe Bike Trail – Gyékényes, the mine lake, is a good place to stop, since there are many accommodations, campsites and restaurants to choose from. The lake is a real fishing paradise, but you can also enjoy in swimming and even diving.

Must see

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