Start your cycling holidays from Prelog through eastern Međimurje area and enter Podravina near Legrad and picturesque confluence of Mura and Drava. Explore the most untouched Drava basin area, experience the most scenic views of the river and enjoy the romantic ponds. Finish the day in the historical city of Koprivnica where you can taste typical Podravina dishes and try great wines from surrounding Bilogora hills.

Stage map

Route profile
Length 56km
Time 4h
Starting point
End point

Stage S6 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail begins in beautiful Marina Prelog, which is an ideal place for runners, cyclists and nature lovers. After leaving Marina, the cycling tour takes you through the city of Prelog. It is located on an ancient crossroads. Long ago, it used to be a market centre. Have a taste of local delicacies and wine or visit one of the many events held in Prelog. After Prelog, the route takes you to Oporovec. It offers many services required by cyclists and other travellers. You can find cycling sets and everything required for bicycle repair. The route takes you further to the scenic Sveta Marija and Donja Dubrava, after which the Drava and Old Drava are reunited, offering amazing river views with fewer and fewer artificial structures. In all settlements throughout the daily stage, churches and chapels worth visiting are located.  After passing the Drava Bridge, the route takes you to Podravina area.


Eco village and ornithological reserve


The first place to visit there is Legrad, where you can explore the area and visit Beavers eco village, Graffiti ranch and Veliki Pažut Special Ornithological Reserve. A resting area with a self service station for bike repairs is located in Legrad. The highlight close to the settlement is the Mura Drava confluence, a breathtaking scenic area that instantly demonstrates why this area is the Amazon of Europe. The confluecne area hosts some resting facilities such as a River school, bird watching towers and a boat dock, as well as a beach.


Hang out with butterflies


After Legrad, continue your river bike trail to Đelekovec and near it, the Meadow site located at Zovje. Zovje is small zoological site in the category of monuments of nature and is the natural habitat for two of the most threatened European daytime butterfly species. Shortly after Đelekovec , the route passes by the fishing pond Betonara, and nearby there is another pond - Jegeniš - very popular among anglers. Both these ponds are great places for relaxation and peaceful rest in nature.


Enjoy the pond


Only a few kilometres down the route, the biggest gravel pond in Podravina is located, called Šoderica. This pond is very popular among people from the region as place for sports, relaxation and swimming, and many of them have weekend houses there. A resting place for cyclists with a self-service set is placed near the pond. The pond has also become a beloved resting pace for a large colony of cormorants, who find plenty of fish to feed on and trees for nesting here. Close to Šoderica is the Drava with its great river view that can be experienced from nearby Botovo Bridge. This place enables you to enjoy exceptional views of the amazing Drava nature. After nature travel cycling and passing the picturesque villages of Botovo, Drnje, Peteranec and Herešin, the route leads you to Koprivnica, centre of Podravina.


Diverse urban vibe


The end point of Stage S6 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail, Koprivnica, is a diverse city which offers visits to several interesting galleries and museums, including an open air museum dedicated to bikes, and the renaissance city ramparts and armoury. After exploring the historic city centre, guests can enjoy local food specialities and great wines or have a beer in one of the pubs in Koprivnica city square.

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