Mura, Drava, Danube – the largest protected river area in Europe declared by UNESCO

Today, at a meeting in Nigeria, the Amazon of Europe (Mur-Drau-Donau) was officially declared by the UNESCO as the world’s first 5-country biosphere reserve.

The area is as large as 930 thousand hectares and covers 700 kilometers of the Mura, Drava and Danube rivers.

»In times of climate crisis and the great extinction of species, nature protection is becoming a matter of survival. The declaration of a biosphere reserve is an important step towards a green and sustainable future in which there is no more room for negative practices, such as new hydropower projects, unnecessary river regulation or sediment removal. We therefore see the area of the “European Amazon” as a good example of human coexistence with nature,« said Nataša Kalauz, director of the Adria World Nature Fund.

This is now the largest protected river area in Europe and we are so proud that we are a part of this journey with the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail project.