From Mureck, Austria, embark on a unique cycling adventure along the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail. You will experience a great diversity as the mighty Father of the Pannonian oaks will take your breath away, and the green pearl Lisjakova struga Forest Park will fill your lungs with fresh air. In the meantime, don't miss out a glass of sparkling wine in the famous Gornja Radgona wine cellar. You should also pay a visit to the only Pannonian floating mill in the area and the DUO craft center. At the end of the day, save time for the relaxation in Terme Banovci.

Zemljevid poti

Route profile
Length 44km
Time 3h
Starting point

Mureck (AT)

End point

Banovci (SLO)

The Stage S1 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail begins in the Austrian Mureck, from where you should cycle over the Mura River Bridge and arrive to Slovenia and continue to the left. On the Slovenian side you will come to Trate. Continue along the Mura river and you will come to Vratja vas. Turn left after the bus station where the way will lead you off the main road among beautiful meadows and fields.


Stop. Relax. Embrace.


Stay on the left side, where you can make a stop in Tourist and recreation center Zgornje Konjišče, where you can see the father of Pannonian oaks or enjoy your time in nature. After a short stop continue your cycling holidays along the way on a dirt road. Surrounded by trees and fields, you will get to Spodnje Konjišče, where you should turn left. Cycle through Žepovci and reach Črnci. Here you have an opportunity to take a break in “Bicikl bar”, enjoy the view on Mura river on “Rad Brücke” (the Mura bridge for cyclists) or observe the beauties of the Freudenau baroque manor. Stick to your right and continue cycling towards Apače. You will come to the church of the assumption of Mary with a beautiful Gothic rosette, situated in a village itself. Turn left and after 200 m turn right into the direction of Segovci. After reaching Segovci main road, continue in the direction of Lutverci and Podgrad.


Time to slow down


Turn left on the regional road, where Gubčeva road will take you closer to the bridge that connects the towns of Bad Radkersburg and Gornja Radgona, and to the town of Gornja Radgona itself. You can take a detour and continue your cycling experience across the river Mura to Stage N1 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail or come back and follow Lackova street, which will lead you to Trate on the left, where you will be able to enjoy the Mura river. Seize the opportunity to stop in Gornja Radgona’s wine cellar and have a taste of the amazing sparkling wines. Return to the main route from “Road to the station” and continue in the direction of Radenci.


Feel the relaxing vibe of green nature


Make sure you take time to stop in a beautiful national pearl – Lisjakova struga Forest Park, where your heartbeat slows down and your lungs fill up with fresh forest air. When you’re ready to get back on your bike, the cycling route will lead you through Mele and Šratovci. After 5 km of following the river bike trail you will reach Radenci – the town of health resorts and the land of thermal and mineral springs. Right next to the Radenci Resort you have an opportunity to make a detour and hit the Stage N1 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail again or you can continue your cycling journey through the town, in the direction of Lendava. If you follow the main road through Turjanci and Hrastje Mota you will get closer to your end point. Enjoy plains and a hilly environment, and when reaching Vučja vas, you once again have an opportunity to experience the Stage N1 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail or turn right after 650 m and continue your primary tour.


Eye to eye with heritage


You will reach underpass of the highway. After cycling under the bridge turn to the right after 850 m. Cycle towards Bunčani and don’t miss out the Mlinska cesta, where you can take a short detour to the Babić mill, which is the only Pannonian floating mill in the area today. Go back to the main road and stick to the left to reach Veržej. If you want to experience the Slovenian heritage, make sure to stop in the Craft center DUO. Route will then lead you to the center of village which lies on Mursko polje, right next to river Mura. Continue the way from Veržej toward the end point of the Stage S1 of Amazon of Europe Bike Trail – Banovci, a place that is famous for its thermal water and spa. There you will have a unique opportunity to relax and leave every drop of sweat behind.

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