Enjoy the unspoiled nature and discover the Danube river side channels and meanders. There are lots of restaurants and chardas that are located along this stage of the route, where you can rest, relax with a drink or indulge in the gastronomic specialties that this region is famous for - primarily fish dishes, with the obligatory fish stew as the trademark of the area. Starting from Apatin, combined with pure and unspoiled nature, chardas line up one after the other: Brunai Charda, Bee charda (“Pčela – Kupusinska čarda”), Hunting Lodge, Pike charda („Štuka čarda“). On this stage you have the opportunity to see many examples of cultural and historical heritage from this region.

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Route profile
Length 37km
Time 3h
Starting point
End point

Stage S15 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail begins in the center of Apatin with the beautiful Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary with the Black Virgin or a stop by the SPA Junaković. By continuing your cycle tour you pass by the Apatin Marina, where you can take a boat ride, rent a bike, rest at one of the apartments or just stop to get some useful information at the reception. Driving on the asphalt road with low traffic frequency, you will pass by the city beach and exit to the Danube and another restaurant, from which you have a beautiful river view. Here you will have the opportunity to rest and enjoy the landscape from the constructed scenic overlook, which offers a beautiful view of the living Danube. When you continue along the route, you can stop at „Harcash Charda“ („Harčaš čarda“), a future visitor center, then, if you turn left, 500 m through the forest, you will arrive to a large sandy beach. You will pass by the campsite „Vagoni“ with another  beautiful beach. If you turn right, the route continues down the asphalt road which is a little narrower than the previous section. In this part of the route you can rest in an authentic environment of chardas, eat and rest, surrounded by nature.


Explore traditional chardas


Charda “Brunai” and Charda “Bee” (“Kupusinska čarda”) will give you a place to rest, refresh, but also the ability to rent a kayak or boat to ride along the Danube canals, or to try the most famous  dish – Apatin's fish stew. When you continue your cycle tour by the embankment, you will pass by the Hunting Lodge. When arriving to the Floodgate at DTD channel, you can turn left at the crossroads towards „Pike Charda“(“Štuka čarda” - 2.3 km), where you can spend time in unspoiled nature, without infrastructure, preparing food and resting.


Feel the adventure


When you cross the bridge, you can turn left to the road to Bački Monoštor and to the right for Kupusina settlement. The main route continues along the embankment by the channel “Danube-Tisa-Danube”,  along the border of the Special Nature Reserve “Gornje Podunavlje” . The route leads onto a dirt road, and is not in a perfect shape, but that only contributes to the feeling of being part of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail.


Explore the rich history


After four kilometers, at the crossroads, you can turn left for the Weekend-Resort Adice. After the crossroads, the road is better, with a gravel base. If you continue straight, after 4 km, you will come to the settlement of Bački Monoštor. The history and culture of Bački Monoštor is really rich. In many places, people can be seen with their traditional crafts related to nature and culture. Here you have the opportunity to turn left at the crossroads for the center of Bački Monoštor, or  turn right to the local road to Sombor, the end of this daily stage (Stage S15 Apatin-Sombor) of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail.  The charming little town of Sombor, showing its Austro-Hungarian past in some of its older architecture, provides many cultural attractions, greenery and magnificent architecture that surrounds you at every step.

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