Start your Amazon of Europe cycling holidays in the small town of Mureck situated right by the Lower Mura Valley Biosphere Reserve. Cycle through the romantic meadow landscapes and marvel at rich fauna and flora. In the small villages and historical old town of Bad Radkersburg, guest houses and traditional "Buschenschänken" (wine taverns) will invite you to stop for a rest and refreshment – make sure to enjoy the regional specialties and try the local wines. Cross the border and follow the best bike trails through Slovenia to discover idyllic Panonnian plains.

Stage map

Route profile
Length 48km
Time 3h
Starting point

Murect (AT)

End point

Murska Sobota (SLO)

The Stage N1 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail begins in the little town of Mureck, by the river Mura in Austria's sunniest and most diverse cycling region of Bad Radkersburg. Before you even begin your cycle tour, don’t forget to stop and see the last remaining example of ship mill in Austria. The river bike trail than follows the Murradweg R2 cycling path through the idyllic riverside forests of the Lower Mura Valley Biosphere Reserve. Along the trail you can spot a vast swathe of wild garlic in spring indicating you are cycling through a rare and special habitat. The route continues further on a quiet road towards a bridge over Mura where it is possible to cross the border to Slovenia (Stage S1). The Stage N1 follows the route on the northern bank of the Mura and passes the Röcksee lake in Gosdorf, a wonderful spot for a quick dip. In the vicinity there is also a "Klimaschutzgarten" (Climate Friendly Garden) that is worth visiting.


Feel the spirit of untouched nature


The trail continues through the Biosphere Park in the midst of the alluvial forest, following a non-asphalt road to the Murturm Nature Observation Tower. Climb the 168 steps to reach the viewing platform at a height of 27 m and enjoy a beautiful sweeping view of regenerated Mura landscapes. From here, the trail passes several little villages until it reaches Donnersdorf after 4 km. There is a self-service drinks station along the way that will certainly quench any thirst.


Make a detour and discover even more


In Donnersdorf you can take a detour towards the River`scool educational facility. At River´scool, you can discover a variety of animal and plant species: bank swallows, little ringed plovers, and fish such as the common nase and barbel. Moreover, there is a cycling bridge nearby offering another possibility to cross the river Mura to Slovenia and continue a cycling adventure on the southern route of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail (Stage S1).


Cycling and learning at the same time


The main route continues from Donnersdorf to Dietzen where you can visit a unique Bäcksteffl's Beetle Bean Cabinet to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the purple beans! We suggest you also cycle to the nearby town Halbenrain (1.2 km away from Dietzen) and have a stroll around the herb garden of the Halbenrain Castle Park. The park was designed in accordance with the rules set by the Charlemagne administration and contains over 150 herbs, plants and crops used for medicinal or culinary purposes.

After leaving the village of Dietzen, the main route turns south and carries on through unspoiled nature of the alluvial forest towards the Liebmannsee lake. Here you have a possibility for a short detour to the vista point of the river Mura. Passing the lake, the main route continues in the direction of Bad Radkersburg. On the way, you will see the spa Parktherme Bad Radkersburg with thermal spring water rich in minerals where you can take a reinvigorating dip in the 50 m sports pool, ease your muscles and restore energy.


Take the leap and make your cycling holidays unforgettable


Just a short detour from the main road will lead you to the historical old town of Bad Radkersburg, an enchanting place with its romantic squares and narrow streets. The town was awarded the European gold medal for monument preservation in 1978. Take a stroll through the town, experience its history, and taste the delicious regional wines in the pavement cafés. Numerous sights and a variety of hotels beckon visitors to stop here and stay for a while. In Bad Radkersburg there is another chance to cross the river Mura to Gornja Radgona, Slovenia and continue further on the Stage S1 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail that passes through.

The main route of the Stage N1 returns to the idyllic scenery of the alluvial forest after leaving a picturesque little town of Bad Radkersburg and continues its path on the north bank of river Mura in the direction of Laafeld and Sicheldorf. 2 km from Laafeld there is a possibility for another short detour offering a nice view of the river Mura. Following the main route from Laafeld for 2 more km you will reach the village of Sicheldorf where you can enjoy regional specialties and local wines at the wine tavern of Martinecz in Sicheldorf in summertime. It passes a healing mineral water spring set amidst fields in Johannisbrunnen - an excellent spot to recharge your batteries.


New border, new adventures


After Sicheldorf the river bike trail will lead you to Slovenia using the border pass in Gederovci. Immediately after you cross the border you should turn right onto the gravel road. The road will take you along the embankment, where you will cycle through villages Sodišinci, Murski Petrovci and reach the river Mura in Petanjci. The route will lead you past Kajak-Kanu Rafting club “Most”. Nearby is a possibility to cross the river Mura and continue further on the Stage S1 or only take a detour to visit Radenci and nurture your health in the famous mineral water springs. The route of the Stage N1 follows the flow of river Mura on its north riverbank. You can enjoy the view of endless fields on your left and smaller woods on your right while cycling further towards the village Bakovci. After 5,4 km of cycling from Petajnci you can take a short detour (direction south) to visit the Information point and Ferry on Mura river in Krog where you can enjoy a short break while getting to know the nature and cultural values of the area.


Inviting and charming Pomurje region


If you decide to stay on the main route, it will lead you straight from Petanjci to Bakovci and from there to the end point of the Stage N1 of Amazon of Europe Bike Trail in the Expano Pavilion near Murska Sobota. Here you can discover the Pomurje region in only one place by trying traditional food, learning interesting new things about the region, improving your physical abilities or simply relaxing next to “Soboško lake”.

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