Enjoy the beautiful nature in the oxbow “Stara Drava” (Old Drava) with domestic fishermen and picnickers. Discover Kopački rit Nature Park, the Danube’s largest inland delta, a majestic wetland rich in many species of animals and plants. Also visit the Tikveš Castle and House in nature Zlatna Greda, a place where beautiful nature, gastronomy and adventure spirit are combined. This is followed by an embankment ride with pure nature, peace and the chirping of birds all the way to Zmajevac and finally to Suza, the end of this Amazon of Europe Bike Trail route stage.

Stage map

Route profile
Length 53km
Time 4h
Starting point
End point

Stage N10 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail passes almost all of Croatian Baranya along the border with Serbia. It stretches over 45.4 kilometers and is part of cycling route the Pannonian Peace and Art Trail. You start your cycling holidays in Osijek, where you can stop by the beautiful sandy beaches Kopika and Željo located near the center of Osijek. Continue your river bike tour to Kopački rit Nature Park, a true jewel of the Osijek-Baranja county, which captures the attention of all visitors with its natural beauty. .


Nature that takes your breath away


The Kopački rit area is characterized by the exceptional beauty of the landscape and great biodiversity. Kopački rit is located at the confluence of the rivers Drava and Danube and is one of Europe's largest preserved natural wetlands and the greatest inland delta of the Danube. Hidden in the dense oak and maple forest lies the Tikveš Hunting Castle, the formerly renowned imperial residence of the Habsburg family. Not long after, the President of Yugoslavia used the castle in Tikveš to rest and hunt with friends and other politicians.


A great cuisine


At the northern entrance to Kopački rit Nature Park on the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail you should also stop by Zlatna greda, a place where beautiful nature, gastronomy, adventurous spirit and learning about nature come together. For all hungry visitors there is an excellent restaurant with authentic cuisine. In addition, House in nature Zlatna Greda offers you opportunities for teambuilding, a nature school and an adrenaline park.


Experience the wilderness


Continue your cycle tour toward Bilje and enjoy in a beautiful nature in the oxbow “Stara Drava” with domestic fisherman and picnickers. The route passes through Bilje – Baranya village known for Eugene of Savoy's castle built in the early 18th century. From Bilje you can also take a detour to nearby beautiful Tikveš Castle, surrounded by old oak woods and gardens. Experience nature travel cycling through pure nature and enjoy the peace and the chirping of birds all the way to Zmajevac village. With the help of signs, you will reach the end point of Stage N10 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail in Suza, village known for its the good wines and food.

Must see

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