This diverse and adventurous tour of the Amazon Europe Bike Trail will not leave you indifferent. Recharge your batteries, experience past in a few different ways and get to know the Mura Biosphere Reserve in an interactive way. Getting closer to the end point, cycle between Lendava vineyards and reach Vinarium Tower. Seize the opportunity and see what you have already achieved so far and what is still in front of you.

Stage map

Route profile
Length 42km
Time 3h
Starting point

Murska Sobota (SLO)

End point

Lendava (SLO)

The Stage N2 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail begins in the Expano Pavilion near Murska Sobota and follows the road to Bakovci. When you reach the village, cycle in the direction of Mura river, in Mlinska street. You will get to Trate and after it Dokležovje. If you would also like to experience the Stage S1, here you have a chance to make a turn and follow the south part of Amazon of Europe Bike Trail. Otherwise follow a small Mura channel on your right in the direction of Ižakovci. Near Ižakovci, you can cycle off the main road to a nearby village Beltinci to see the charming Beltinci Castle.


Uncover the hidden treasures nearby


We suggest you take another pair of detours on the way. For the first detour, turn right on Narcisna street at the end of the Dekležovje village and cycle to Veržej, a settlement lying on the right bank of the Mura river known for fields of white narcissus that bloom in the area in springtime. You can stop at the Marijanišče (Collegium Marianum) that offers spiritual programs to take care of your inner growth, visit their exhibition gallery-shop of craftsmen from Pomurje, the Ecomuseum or other occasional exhibitions and taste healthy and tasty food of Prlekija and Prekmurje. You can also cycle to the Babič mill on the Mura river in the vicinity. From Veržej, you can continue your cycling tour on the southern route of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail (Stage S2) or cycle back to the north route (Stage N2) and continue your journey on the north bank of the river Mura.


Love, that has its own island


For the second detour, cycle until Ižakovci and then turn right towards the popular tourist attraction the “Island of Love” where you can admire a floating mill on the river Mura and visit a permanent exhibition "Büjraštvo on the Mura river" in the "Bank House” by the mill, to find out how the riverbanks of the Mura river used to be consolidated. There you can also find a tourist information office and a shop with handicraft products, flour from the mill, drinks, and tourist literature. From the Island you can take the traditional ferry to the south riverbank of the Mura and continue your cycling tour on the southern route of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail (Stage S2) or cycle back to the main route of the Stage N2.


Experience more than just cycling


From Ižakovci the main route of the Stage N2 will lead you further on the left riverbank of the Mura river. Cycle through Melinci and when you leave the village behind, the route will take you further through forests and fields towards Gornja Bistrica. In Melinci there is another opportunity to cross the river with a ferry or to see Ciglarsko naselje (Brickmakers' Settlement) where houses are built from bricks and mud in the traditional way.

Continue to Gornja Bistrica and when you arrive to the village you can take another detour to the Mura river to see the Tinek’s Ferry and enjoy your rest in the area by the river. Here you have a possibility to take the ferry to the south bank of the river and continue your journey on the southern route of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail (Stage S2).

The main route of the of the Stage N2 will take you further through Gornja Bistrica. At the end of the village there is another possibility for a detour where you can cross the river Mura on the bridge and join the Stage S2 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail in Razkrižje. The Stage N2 continues its course in the direction of Dolnja Bistrica.


Embrace the nature


When you reach a small chapel in Dolnja Bistrica, you should turn right. After 2 km turn right again and after 500 m once more. You will get close to Mura river, where after 500 m you should turn left and follow the main path. Prekmurske čete street will lead you towards Brezovec and Hotiza through flooded area where you can enjoy natural beauties of Mura river and its diverse ecosystem. When you reach Hotiza follow the cycling path in the way of Ložič towards Velika Polana, the European Stork Village. There you will cross the stream Črnec and cycle further to Mala Polana where signs will lead you directly to Copek’s mill and River’scool Velika Polana. You can stop here to take a walk along a forest educational path and get to know the environment around you – Natura 2000, Mura Biosphere Reserve and life by the stream Črnec. From Mala Polana the main route continues towards Lendava by the stream Črnec.


The thermal spa invites you to relax


Cycle straight until you reach river Ledava and then turn right. After 500 m you will reach asphalted road, where you cross the main road and continue cycling until you arrive to Lendava. The town’s spa Terme Lendava offers the possibility to refresh yourself, take a bath in several pools or spend the night in the hotel. You can also visit an ancient church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, protector of Lendava. Following the main route, you will cycle through the hearth of the town where you will cross the Ledava river and cycle further in the direction of Lendava vineyards until you reach the end point of the Stage N2 near the Vinarium Tower.

In Hotiza you can choose an alternative route of Amazon of Europe Bike Trail via Kapca, Kot and Petišovci where you will cycle in the vicinity of the river Mura and the border with Croatia most of the way. From Petišovci you have two options to continue. You can either turn left and cycle towards Lendava or take a 13,3 km long circle around Benica, Pince – Marof, Pince, Dolina pri Lendavi, Čentiba and take a right turn towards Lendava vineyards afterwards. With the help of signs, you will reach the end point of the Stage N2 of Amazon of Europe Bike Trail near the Vinarium Tower where you can enjoy the picturesque views of the hilly landscape. In the surroundings there are several wine shops and tourist farms where you can indulge in authentic hospitality of the local people.

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