Although this section is not located right along the Drava river, it provides a truly close contact with nature and beautiful landscapes in the wider Drava river area. The route towards Csurgó is very scenic, while the section leading through Kaszó forest provides a real green forest ride experience. Baláta lake, a unique natural site and a swampy area, will impress you without a doubt and the entire trail is ideal for those of you that are looking for cycling holidays far away from traffic. The terrain on the route is generally flat, therefore it is easy to ride for all target groups.

Stage map

Route profile
Length 47km
Time 3h
Starting point
End point

The Stage N5 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail starts in Gyékényes, which is a beloved holiday resort of the area. The pebble lake with crystal clear water offers a scuba diving centre, fishing spots and a public beach, which is full of people on hot summer weekends.


Meet eye to eye with the history


Continue your cycle tour through the streets of the village, to the small town of Csurgó, the administrative centre of the Csurgó district. The town is historically known for the famous Hungarian poet of the 18th century, Mihály Csokonay Vitéz, who worked as teacher in the local Calvinist secondary school. The eclectic school building and its library have been the first historical monuments in the Somogy county. The park of the secondary school is a protected area. The town also offers a park with a theme based on Hungarian history, shopping options, a restaurant and several cafés. The route continues from Csurgó towards the village of Szenta.


Nature at its finest


As you travel on the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail from Szenta to Kaszó, a forest railway will lead you through the protected area, which is otherwise not accessible for visitors. One of the stops is located next to the Baláta Lake, which, along with the surrounding protected natural area and forest, is one of the most important nature reserves in Somogy county. Visiting the nature is possible on the canopy trail placed 9 m above the ground, offering bird-watching opportunities. In Kaszó a wildlife park is operated by the local forestry, and the village also offers several accommodations.


Traditional residential house


Vilma House in the village of Somogyszob is the oldest preserved traditional residential house. You can visit the traditional smoky kitchen and also taste the food prepared in its furnace. One of the rooms is equipped with old furniture and utensils, the other one is an exhibition of a workshop. Visitors, upon pre-announcement, may get acquainted with weaving and pottery.


End your trip in style


The final stop of this stage of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail is Nagyatád, the centre of the area, well known among athletes for the long-distance triathlon competition organised each year in July. The thermal spa of the town has a history longer than a century, offers several indoor and outdoor pools, providing medical services as well. Several hotels and restaurants can be found in the town, as well as a bike shop and repair service in the centre.

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