Experience a unique cycling adventure through the eco-friendly jewel of the Middle Danube – Special Nature reserve  “Gornje Podunavlje”. Enjoy the unique mosaic of aquatic, wetland and terrestrial ecosystems along the way and discover the breath-taking views of the Drava-Danube. As you cycle along with the chirping of birds, while deer and roe deer may intersect your path, wild hogs and foxes will be peeking out from the marshes.  Enjoying the view of the lively and powerful Danube, from the landscaped coast at the entrance to Apatin, you can refresh yourself with delicious fish stew and fish specialties. Stop your journey briefly in downtown of Apatin, enjoying downtown amenities and the magnificent Nikola Tesla Square.

Stage map

Route profile
Length 35km
Time 2h
Starting point
End point

Stage S14 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail begins in the medieval Erdut fortress. After the border crossing to Serbia on the bridge over the Danube, the trail turns left in the direction of the village Sonta and after about 1 km, on the crossroads, turn left on the embankment towards the river Danube and follow the new asphalt road right until the Sonta village campsite, where there is an access point to the Danube, on the site of a wild beach with a wonderful river view.


A unique natural jewel


From this point on, continue your cycle tour for about 4 km in the middle of beautiful nature and you will have the opportunity to see the wonderful flora and fauna of the Special Nature Reserve “Gornje Podunavlje”.

After 1,5 km, the road separates: one route leads in the direction of the bank of the river, and the road leads through the woods. Here you reach a spot for an amazing sight of the confluence of the Drava and the Danube. This part of route is walkable only during normal or low water levels of the Danube .


Untouched nature at its best


Continue your cycling holidays further to a crossroads at the Hunting Lodge "Mesarske Livade", with accommodation, where you can experience the untouched nature in all its splendour. If you continue straight, you will soon get to the entrance of the city of Apatin, with abeautiful view of the Danube, in all its glorious splendour. The urbanized  riverbank begins here and leads to the promenade from where you can enjoy a view of the Danube and taste the many fish specialties at the Restaurant “Golden Crown”. If you turn right from the promenade, about 100 m from the Danube, you will arrive at the “Šaran”  restaurant, where you can continue your culinary discovery by tasting their fish stew, grilled fish and other Serbian traditional dishes.    

Next to the Orthodox Church “Assembly of the Holy Apostles” and Chard „Golden crown” you can continue to the Apatin Brewery and the city center, which is the well-deserved end of Stage S14 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail.

Your ride through this stage ends at the magnificent “Nikola Tesla” Square, where you can rest and then visit the numerous heritage attractions of Apatin.


Must see

Amazing experiences await


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