River Mura with its meanders, oxbows, gravel and flood forests will lead you towards the Croatian border, where the Ščavnica river meets the Mura. In this dynamic part of your journey you can visit a prehistoric settlement in Gradišče or try to get healing from Ivan’s spring with healing energy points in Razkrižje. Discover the rich milling tradition in Sveti Martin and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Mura river. Finish your day in Mursko Središće on the beautiful Promenade by the Mura river.

Stage map

Route profile
Length 29km
Time 2h
Starting point
End point

Stage S2 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail begins in Banovci and then the cycling tour takes you in the direction of Krapje, where you turn left right next to a bus station and once again after 100 m. Stick to your right through fields and forest and turn left after 1,1 km of cycling.  After 230 m turn  right and reach Gezove jame on your left, where you can try to catch a beautiful view of the sunrise. Following the dirt road you will come to the main road of village Mota. Here you can take a detour and also visit Tinek’s Ferry.


Experience the healing power of nature


After Tinek’s Ferry turn left. 4,7 km later you will get to Razkrižje, where you can experience Ivan’s spring and healing energy points. After Razkrižje you have an opportunity to take a detour and continue your cycling tour on the northern route of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail (Stage N2) or you may turn left once again and travel in the immediate vicinity of Šafarsko village. Continue along the path, cross the bridge and reach its  cultural and natural heritage, try out culinary experiences and enjoy beautiful landscape. Here rivers Ščavnica and Mura cross each other's path and continue their way as a larger Mura.


Eye to eye with history


Don’t miss out the opportunity to see the prehistoric settlement Gradišče. After crossing the border to Croatia, on your way to Mursko Središće, continue your cycle tour through Lapšina and you will arrive to Sveti Martin na Muri – a perfect place for taking a short break from cycling. Explore flora and fauna of the Mura river, discover the milling craft of the locals, take a ride on the river ferry and get to know the traditional heritage of upper Međimurje.

Proceed with your ride all the way through Hlapičina, rest your eyes on the charming landscape and soon you will reach the end point of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail stage S2 in Mursko Središće.


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