The cycling adventure starts from the center of Varaždin, which is home to an exceptional monumental, artistic and architectural heritage such as the fortified Old Town castle, Traditional Crafts Square, Museum Collection of Oldtimers and the preserved historic city core. If you are looking for places of untouched natural biodiversity, you can head to the 5km distant old Drava river stream (Stara Drava), which fully justifies the idea of an European Amazon.

Stage map

Route profile
Length 25km
Time 3h
Starting point
End point

The starting point of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail daily stage S5 begins with the crossing of Jelačić Bridge which offers panoramic views of the reservoir lake  and confluence location of the old Drava river (Stara Drava) preserving some of the dynamic, wild nature of the old Drava before hydropower, to the east , and the derivation channel to the west.


Make sure to check out a unique collection


Cruising the city itself, cyclists visit interesting sites such as the fortified castle and museum "Old Town", the entomological collection "World of Insects", a Traditional Crafts Square with daily presentations and amazing souvenirs, Tales from Varaždin´s courtyards, a preserved historic city core, an 80 meter long imitation monument of the Drava River, Museum Collection of Oldtimers and many more.


Relaxing in the beautiful natural environment


Continue following the river bike trail to Drava Park Forest towards a true exploratory adventure on the Drava River. Over the pedestrian bridge adventurers arrive to a “Drava appex” site from which they witness spacious scenes of the derivation channel and the river stream's confluence into a reservoir lake. There is also possibility of refreshment at the outdoor swimming pools and by cycling just a few minutes to the west, the route leads you to a well-organized educational path with various contents, like educational info panels and a lookout above the wetland area preserving some of the old Drava’s dynamic and wild nature.


Places where the time stands still


The river bike trail directs you through green canopy tunnels and a maze of gravel paths to the only five km distant location on the river Drava bank that is ideal for relaxation, swimming, recreation and watching the diverse world of birds.


A detour for even more excitement


The Varaždin detour then directs cyclists east towards the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail main route and lake Motičnjak on which a popular recreation area is located with a beach, restaurant, sports grounds and other amenities.

Nature travel cycling continues mostly on traffic free gravel paths towards the historical city of Prelog, the end point of Stage S5 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail, where you can have a taste of local delicacies and wine.

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