Amazon of Europe Bike Trail SCOM and study tour in Apatin

After long-standing covid related restrictions, it was finally time for us to meet live again with our partners from the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail project. It was a great pleasure and adventure to get together on the 10. Steering Committee meeting and bike ride in Apatin.

Cycling along stage 14 of Amazon of Europe Bike Trail

We started our trip at the entrance of the Nature Reserve »Gornje Podunavlje« – at the Erdut fortress, where the bikes were waiting for us. The bike infrastructure is already deployed alongside the bike route, where tourists can enjoy the unique experience of riding through this beautiful area. We went to a Hunting Lodge called »Mesarske Livade« where they also offer accommodation, and you can experience the untouched nature in all its splendour. Just a little further on, the town of Apatin awaits you with its beautiful view of Danube River.

Later we went to the must-see attraction – the Orthodox Church Council of the Holy Apostles, near the city centre. We left our bikes in the marine and went with a tourist ship to Apatika.

Holidays away from crowds and mass tourism

The views on the tour are amazing and breath-taking. You can enjoy the untouched nature, with the beautiful river Danube on your side. This is a great experience for everyone who likes to cycle. The route is not too strenuous, so it’s suitable also for families. And you really can have a relaxing vacation here, because it is away from crowds and mass tourism. The route is well organized and marked, so you don’t need to be an expert to find the right way.

A newly established booking system is just before being launched and enables tourists to book multiple days of this adventurous and sustainable holiday along the Mura-Drava-Danube biosphere reserve.

Special thanks go to the organizers for their kindness and hospitality on our wonderful trip in this natural setting with truly magnificent views and scenery. The people are so kind that you feel like you are a part of their family.