Official website launched ENG

We are proud to announce that we have successfully launched the official Amazon of Europe Bike Trail on-line and mobile platform (product website). The aim of the website is to offer comprehensive information about the route and to present the adventures and discoveries of both, South and North route.

The first thing available on the home page are the key information and facts about the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail. There is also an informative map, which enables segmentation and selection of the route and the country through which the trail passes.

An advanced map with main attractions

The North route comprises of 11 stages and the South route 16 stages, and both run through 5 countries. Top experiences on each stage are highlighted. Key information about the product, current news and other important content are also clearly and transparently available.

We are preparing an advanced booking system which will offer different individual packages. There will also be info guides and other guides with useful information.

Help us spread the information

Feel free to share the website with as many people as possible who are potentially interested in this type of content.